All our cookies are gluten free.

We use stevia as a sugar substitute. Stevia is a natural calorie-free sweetener that provides the same taste as sugar plus aids in weight loss, lowers blood pressure, reduces blood sugar, protect oral health, builds strong bones, prevent certain forms of cancer, and helps avoid cavities.

Yes, we use all quality ingredients that your body recognizes, can easily digest and provide health benefits to your body. Our main ingredients are: whey protein, which allows for a high amount of protein in each product which helps build muscle; rolled oats which is high in fiber and helps keep you fuller longer; egg whites which are another lean and low fat source of protein; coconut oil which is a good healthy fat that helps our metabolism and promotes good joint health; and stevia which is a great and pure sugar substitute that is plant-based and has 0 calories. Stevia also helps to curb sugar cravings and gives our products that touch of sweetness that helps satisfy your sweet tooth. You can rest assured that our products won't leave you feeling bloated, uncomfortable, or unsatisfied.

All our items are well rounded, satisfying, healthy, and made fresh every day. The nutritional break down is more balanced than most protein bars because we strive to keep our calories, sugars, and fats low while still providing high protein.

When dieting, most of us are wired to believe we must sacrifice flavor in order to stick to our goals but here at CraveClean, we have worked hard to break that mentality. We work to make healthy eating enjoyable so that sticking to your program is effortless and “dieting” doesn’t become a drag; we want “healthy eating” to become your lifestyle instead.

Yes, we ship internationally.

Yes, you can have our cookies as breakfast, snacks, lunch, pre or post workout, and dessert.

Our bakes are handmade daily with high-quality ingredients. They are best consumed within 7-10 days of arrival. To extend the shelf life, they can be frozen for 30 days and heated up in the microwave for 8 seconds to enjoy gooey goodness.

Yes, we wholesale. Click here to order.  

You can order as many as you’d like Darling! There is a minimum of 6 cookies per order.


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