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The Skinny on Crave Clean's Healthy Holiday Cupcakes

It's no secret that the holidays are an overindulgent time of year reserved for multiple servings, full-fat dishes, and heaps of butter and sugar. Christmastime brings seasonal varieties like eggnog and pumpkin pie back into the kitchen. But what if satisfying your eggnog craving didn't cost you hundreds of calories and endless days of guilt?

This year, we're looking to Crave Clean, a locally-owned bakery, for a holiday dessert option that's as delicious as it is nutritious.

Short Order spoke to founder Francesca Caltagirone about the company's cupcakes, which are packed with protein, quality carbohydrates, and natural ingredients.

Short Order: What prompted you to get into the baking business?

Francesca Caltagirone: I've always loved to bake for my husband, but unfortunately would never be able to eat most of the treats without feeling guilty. With my healthy lifestyle, I wanted to come up with a recipe that would allow me to treat myself.

How did you come up with the recipes? Did you enlist the help of other nutritional experts or fitness pros?

I started reading about different ingredients that could be beneficial for our bodies and a way to come up with healthy baked goods. I hoped to come up with a healthy way of baking and unfortunately kept hitting a wall when I tried to incorporate protein. So, with a lot of trial and error and enlisting a nutritional expert, Waldo Hechavarria, I was able to come up with a formula for my product to be a nutritionally balanced and tasty, guilt-free treat.

Which of your "clean eats" has been the best seller?

Our best seller has been strawberry fields.

What are some of your holiday flavors? How did you come up with them?

Our holiday flavors are eggnog and pumpkin. I thought of flavors that I personally enjoyed and would bring out the Christmas spirit.

You're currently only providing delivery service and pick-ups. When do you plan on opening a storefront, and where?

We also have a few locations that carry our product, Mendez Fuel, Mobil Gas Station 32nd and Coral Way as well as LA Fitness on 124th Street and Kendall. We would love to have a storefront within the year.

Who are some of the pastry chefs that you most admire, or look to for inspiration?

Unfortunately no pastry chefs have similar products, but as far as regular baking, I find Martha Stewart's recipes to be flawless.

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